Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Caroline Temple

In 2011 I posted a picture of Sophia's clay monsters.
Today in my draft box I came across 
this video of Caroline's destruction of it.

How time flies.
And how this little Caroline (Shirley Temple) got all grown up
is beyond my comprehension.

I miss the baby stage.
I really do.
How entertaining toddlers are.

How she has grown.

Funny quick story about Caroline
and her Shirley Temple like talent.

When we were at Abigail's choir concert back in December,
the choir director assisted the choir
with their accapella number
with their three start notes on the piano.

Three year old Caroline
took her cue
and loudly
very loudly
each note
in succession
in perfect pitch
with the lyrics
la la la.
We all chuckled
which egged her on more.
Which was a really bad thing
considering the choir
was about to sing
Angels we have heard on high
and Caroline took our
laughter as a cue
that she was invited to
a sing-along
with every round of

Proud parenting moment.
I need to get this girl in pre-Broadway classes.
Instead I bought her a pair of tap shoes
at the thrift-store.


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Jenny Lynn said...

She sure is a cutie Alice! I sometimes miss the days when mine were little and could cuddle on my lap.