Sunday, December 09, 2012

We will have a perfectly happy picture!

My mother-in-law requested family photos for Christmas.
In an effort to keep the Christmas budget,
we opted for my mad raw camera skills.

Yeah, I took one photography class
so that makes me qualified right?

So very wrong.

Add in
a dog on a leash,
a crappy crappy tri-pod
some cold weather
and a
"as stubborn as I'll get out"
you have me screaming:

"We will get a perfectly happy picture.
Gosh danget."
That got some smiles.

We can always count on laughter
to see us through.
And laugh, we did.
Like always.
Here are some good outtakes.

I was trying to test the shot
and I had already set the timer
so they entertained themselves
through the 10 sequential shots.

We got a bunch of great shots
and in about 10 of them
Caroline was sticking out her tongue.

I like to call this one
"Don't drop the dog."
The funniest part was that
I had no idea this was even happening.

When we got home, 
Sophia came into my room and said,
"Mom I learned something important today.
You can't put a dog in the simba pose for a picture
like you can a cat."

It wasn't until I went in to edit the photos that
I understood what she was talking about.

Please, don't eat my head.

 These are the best that we got.
I really like how the scarf pose
turned out
minus Abigail's expression
and the random blanket
on the grass.
Don't even worry about the discarded
old fashioned sled.
I really don't know what I am doing.

We got our perfectly happy pictures.

Merry Christmas Faye.
These will be on their way to you
in your Christmas package
as I know you won't be able to figure
out how to print them from here.

Oh and sorry,
I forgot to do a pose
with LG.

Maybe next year.


Amy said...

I think they are darling!!

Tammy said...

Your photos are great. Keep it up. I was cheep and didn't want to pay for a family photo. I set the camera on a tripod with my big flash and a timer.
They came out 100x better than all the expensive photographers we've paid for in the past, and I haven't taken a class yet. I think you are able to be more natural and comfortable when you don't have someone else telling you what to do.

Laura said...

Love the photos. Your girls are all gorgeous as are you!

Laura said...

Love the photos. Your girls are all gorgeous as are you!