Monday, November 19, 2012

A God of Grace

I try to apply
a good
Southern saying
into my life

It helps.
A lot.

For instance:
when your 13-year-old
has lost yet one more thing.
This time it's a $30
memory card
that holds all of her photos
for photography class.
You worry that she's never
going to be organized enough
to get into college.
You start to edge out onto
the cliff of anger
and desperation
and are about to go crazy
with the lecture
and the screaming,
but you take a step back
and pray

God's got this.

See how that works?
Just like that.

It works on the big things too.
Like when you are on the verge
of divorce
because your husband
has quit functioning
all together
(I can say this
because it has been years now)
and you can't go another day
with a broken man.

God's got this.
And he did.
And it wasn't up to me.
It never is.
I am not the healer.
I do not control anyone
or anything.
All I can control is me
and my choice to be happy.
That's it.
And the best way to be happy
is to know

God's got this.
Because he always does.


Holly said...

That was beautiful, Alice. Thank you.:-)

Jenny Lynn said...

I am adopting it right now.
I got a whole list to go say "God's got this" to.
Wonderful message!