Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sing us a song
you're the cameraman.

LG bought me a new camera
and signed me up for a photography class.
He's so amazingly awesome.
I love it that he pays attention to my bucket list.

We went to a free rooftop concert on Friday night.
It was super crowded.
We couldn't get anywhere near the stage,
so we found a secluded corner of the parking garage.
We listened to the great music
with a bird's eye view of the stage.

And we made out all night.
Just like being teenagers.
It was awesome.

I know are sad that you weren't invited to the party.
Don't worry.
We played with the camera too.
Captured some goodies just for you.

Oh, how I LOVE this man.
Every day just gets better.

And now you see why I need a photography class.
How the heck do I make these photos larger
without distorting them?

It''ll have to wait.
I have to go to work.


Donna said...

What kind of camera did you get? If you have a Nikon I can help you, Canon you're on your own. In blogger you can set the photos for small, medium, and large, when you upload them.

ferdinand hegemur said...