Monday, July 23, 2012


Abigail woke me up this morning by climbing in my bed with a newspaper. She then proceeded to tell me about everything she read of any interest.

For a moment I had a deep sense of parental pride telling myself I've done a great job of teaching my oldest to love to read. She is reading the newspaper!! How many 13 year old kids out there read the newspaper regularly?

I then looked up from my game of i-scrabble to shoot a photo, only to catch her reading the funnies.

As she caught me snapping her photo I said,"You need to read something besides the funnies so you can look smart."

Her reply,"Well, I was just reading my horoscope."

I then congratulated myself fur raising kids who are not only smart, but also have totally awesome senses of humor (even though I am not too certain she was attempting humor.)

That's just how I like to roll as a parent. Patting myself in the back occasionally really helps during those dark moments when I, like every parent out there, realize that I've screwed them up in some way.

Abigail then proceeded to pose for a better photo. What a gem. She's pretty much perfect at this given moment. Now let's go check out the cleanliness of her room.

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Jenny Lynn said...

LOL... I think reading the funnies is something to be proud of as a mom. It just means she has a great sense of humor like her mom.