Friday, February 17, 2012

True Joy

Evan and Leah Wampler are friends of ours in Kingsport, TN.
They had little baby Liam a while back.
He weighed just a pound and has been confined to the NICU
for many long weeks
as he grows strong enough to meet the outside world.

Our prayers have been mighty on behalf of Liam
and we have been so pleased that
by the grace of God he has grown and developed.
The wonderful world of facebook 
has kept us updated every step of the way.

Leah posted this picture the other day.
It had the caption

Evan feeding Liam with a bottle for the first time.

It struck me profoundly.
What a beautiful beautiful moment.
How many times have I fed my four children
and never gave it a moment's notice?

This photo so perfectly depicts 
one of the way God works in our mortal journey.
It's a hard lesson to swallow
yet so necessary:
God lets us suffer
so that we can truly enjoy the non-suffering.
If we didn't know the pain,
we couldn't enjoy the joy.

I am so grateful for all the hard times I have endured
because those hard times
make my normal and even somewhat insignificant life
seem like such a miracle every day.

Thank you God
for my trials
and for Liam.


Holly said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

Angel said...

What a beautiful photo and an inspiring post!

How is Evan related to the Wamplers? Which family group? I don't know him, but he certainly looks like a Wampler. Good people!

Rita said...

God bless Liam and his family. Love the photo.