Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Man w/o a Middle Name

I love LeGrand Gold. I wish he was given a middle name so that I could say that I love LeGrand _______ Gold because that would seem so much more official.

I do love you LeGrand LG Gold. I hope you enjoy your new given middle name since that is what I mostly call you by anyway. I am so proud to be your wife.

I wrote about my man while sitting at church a while back. This blog seems like as good of a place as any to copy my words for the posterity.

Please ignore if you are single or just mad at your hubby. I don't want to add to your pain. Just know that I have been single and mad at my hubby plenty. It's just that right now I can't imagine my life without the total complete insane love that I feel at this moment and so many others. I am one lucky lucky girl.

I look around the room. One dad takes a screaming toddler out while his wife sits looking relieved for a break and for her partner in parenting and I realize that you are him. 
Then I look straight across the way and I see another dad holding a newborn baby tenderly and I remember how much I love it when you hold a baby. You seem so much stronger in those tender moments. You are the protector for our little ones and the protector of me when I let you be.
I see the teenage boy excitedly taking notes and I think of you and doodling your L's and your G's in a boxy font so they array the way you like and I think of your special experience about the Savior of mankind and I thank God for it and how it has given you the courage to keep trying day after day. 
I look up at the Bishopric and remember the days when I was honored the privilege of seeing you lead with humility and devotion. 
I see the father with the teenage daughter and marvel that I did such an amazing job of picking a father for our very lucky daughters. You are a father that is fun, involved, kind and oh-so loving. 
Yes, LG, the 80% of you that is beautiful trumps the 20% that is still learning. 
I love you LG.


ShEiLa said...

Sweet sentiments. Thanks for sharing.


Kathy said...

I love it! He is such a sweet daddy!

Angel said...

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!