Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Kid Nativities

Remember how I told you
we were going to be making
nativities at Cub Scouts.

Well I lied.
It took the girls and I
two hours to come up with this.

The hour Scouts has alloted per week
just wasn't gonna cut it.

So I gave the boys the molding clay
and told them to create their own creche.

I was pretty partial to the pregnant Mary on a donkey.
It seemed to me like the artist must have some African roots.
I do believe this masterpiece
will be put away with tissue paper
and pulled out every year
to be displayed in a place of honor.

I also believe that today's equivalent to a manger
is a plastic baby pool.

Wouldn't you agree?

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Rita said...

LOL - a plastic baby pool - love it! What a clever idea for a scouts project.

Lisa said...

Sadly Mary succumbed to a ball thrown by sister. Poor Mary and poor artist. He's a classic!

Lisa said...

And thanks for the fun activity! He really LOVES coming to Cub Scouts because of his fantastic leaders :)

Jeri Kleiber said...

Too Funny!!!!

Renee said...

So cute!