Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you Johnson and Johnson

The baby and I have some sort of nasty headcold.
We were both up all night.

This morning my family was so sweet.
LG came in Caroline's room and fetched me up.
He told me to go back to our bed and he would
take care of Caroline and get Abigail out to school.

When Sophia and Bella woke up,
they came in to check on me.
They told me to stay in bed
and they would get themselves ready
and keep Caroline entertained.

Before I knew it all my helpers
left me stranded with the toddling tornado.

My head was pounding.
My nasal cavities are rebelling.

I just wanted some more Dayquil,
but I was too much of a mess to get out of bed.

Caroline was quiet.
I knew I should go check on her.
Her antics are enough to sterilize the
manliest of men.

I couldn't do it.
I fell back to sleep.
I got the best 10-20 minutes
of sleep I've ever experienced.

Caroline brought it to a screeching hault.
"Lotion, mommy. Lotion"

She was covered from head to toe.
Running into my room proved
difficult for her when she was slathered
in pink.
Even her diaper is covered.
It's all under her pajama top.

I rolled over for the wipes I keep close to the bed.
And went to work.

Silly girl, what does she think could possibly
be a better outcome of messing with the lotion?

I dragged myself up,
and went and checked out the rest of the damage.
Amazingly enough,
there were only three drops of lotion on her comforter.

That's when I thanked Johnson and Johnson
for that extra 20 minutes of sleep.

That bottle of lotion was worth
every cent spent.
It was so valuable
that I almost think
I shouldn't have used that coupon
to save a $1 when I bought it.

She's quiet again.
I must go back to bed.

I plan to round her up
and make her nap with me.
I hope it works.
You would think she would be tired
after keeping me up all night.

The bright side is
I cancelled scouts today.
That felt good.
It will feel really good
if I can actually get some more sleep.

The bad side is
I had plans with a girlfriend for lunch.
I guess now I have plans next week.

All will be well
if I can just get some sleep.
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ShEiLa said...

I hope you get feeling better soon. I also hope that Miss Caroline cooperates for nap time. It sounds as though YOU do need some rest to get over 'the yuckies'.


A Busy Nest said...

You really looked at the bright side on that one Alice! I hope you feel better soon. It really does stink to be a sick mom with young children. -Jennifer

JennyLynn said...

Feel better soon. Tis the season of the nasty cold. It seems to be making it's rounds at this end of the valley as well. I have doubled up on my vitamin packets.