Saturday, October 01, 2011

So long summer.

Good-bye summer.
I am going to tell you good-bye
before it gets too cold
and I am cursing you for leaving me.
I know this amazing weather can't last.
I feel like I still live in San Diego.

One of my least favorite memories of this summer
was Bella's kool-aid stand.
Maybe we will have better luck with an apple cider stand.
Yeah right, we are never selling beverage again.
When you get to Bella's sad face, you'll understand why.

Here she is.
This was at the beginning of the stand.
She is counting all of her hopeful profits.
She has something coming to her.
We set up down our street on the super busy State street.

We even made three flavors of kool-aid.
Tropical, blue, and orange.
Funny that we sold more Crystal Lite than anything.
It could have been because we only sold
three glasses.
Two glasses were bought by my health-conscience visiting teacher
that just happened to walk by.
God must have been watching out for Bella a little bit
to send her by in the very moment when she was needed most.

If I ever get suckered into this again,
we will call it a Crystal Lite stand.
Maybe that will actually make anyone stop
beyond the visiting teacher.
And Amy Kafala will cringe
because she thinks we should have an ice-water stand.

Memorize this face.
It's the face of defeat.
It's an important life lesson.
Even if it's heartbreaking for the mama.

I am proud of my Bella,
she didn't give up.

In the three hour commitment,
she ended up with $4 profit.
$1 from the visiting teacher.
$1 from the only lady who actually pulled her car over
and told us to keep the change
(and that was in our second location)
and $2 from mama when she bought the missionaries two glasses each.

She also suckered mom into
paying for the kool-aid, sugar, cups, and ice.

She may still have a future in business,
but has decided to stick with babysitting and doing extra chores.
They earn a better profit.

Did I mention it was like 90 degree outside?
You would think more people would be thirsty.

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necturina said...

There may never be a next time, but if there were you might consider by a park. My kids raked in $16.00. I made them do chores to pay for the sugar and ice :)

A Busy Nest said...

I am sad summer is over too. It is only going to be 60 here today. I didn't want to squeeze into jeans today. :(

ShEiLa said...

Miss Bella... your sad face breaks my heart. Where were the thirsty people on a hot day. I have not had Koolaid in forever and would have had to choose Crystal Lite too. (darn that healthy eating) I absolutely LOVE the sign. It reminds me of when I was a kid doing the same kinda of summer things.