Saturday, October 08, 2011

Gyro Bowl

Look what we got in the mail.

No, not Piper.

Not the packing poppy paper.

It's a gyrobowl.

And Caroline put it to the test.

Piper helped a bit.

A while back I got an e-mail
asking for a product review.

I happily obliged.
knowing that 
Caroline would love a chance to try and destroy it.

If you haven't seen the GyroBowl at Target yet
when you were out by yourself 
on your latest Wednesday night survival trip,
let me explain.
It's a revolutionary no spill bowl that promises to bring an end to messy child eating habits.
Gyro Bowl uses 360-degree technology to keep items inside the plastic sphere. It stays open-side up, no matter which way a child decides to twirl it, throw it or dump it; virtually indestructible and works just like a globe!

Parents can rejoice at the thought of never having to clean snacks off the carpet or out of the deep crevasses of a car seat (we’ve all been there) again.  Children will love taking this super snack contraption with them everywhere they go.

Go to Amazon and buy one for your baby or toddler.

It will give them hours of fun as they try their darndest to spill all over your kitchen or your living room, or your car, or if you are really brave in their bedroom behind a closed door.

You are going to have to buy your own though because I am not giving mine away. My mini-van has been begging me to buy one of these suckers. Its carpets have been screaming for equal rights for vans with or without children.

Do you think they will invent something that can keep a kid from spilling while pouring next?
It seems we need that every night at the dinner table.
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1 comment:

ShEiLa said...

I actually saw this on TV and thought... Can this be real????

I guess it is!!!

If I only had a toddler to use one on... maybe I should get one for when I take the grand-kids places.