Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Funny Politics

Dear Mitt Romney,

I know I helped you last time,
even though you never acknowledged it.
Not only did I tell 
about my support,
but I gave you a whole whoppin $10
which I am sure was used ever so wisely,
seeing as how you can still
afford to campaign a second time around.

But since 2008,
I have become disenchanted with US politics.

So please tell your family members to stop
e-mailing me to ask me for money.
Thank you very much,

I have always loved political cartoons.
Here are a few more current.
You can call these political photo pins.

This is a picture of one of the oldest politicians.
How he got his head up there upside down is beyond me.
Maybe it was decapitated by his constituents and then shoved back up.

Please feel free to share your funniest joke at any politician's expense.


Renee said...

So so so funny! I might have to steal one of those signs. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Funny, funny signs. Thanks for sharing. But I'm very serious about backing Mitt Romney. I can't find another candidate that can "win" and do what our country really needs. Go Mitt, and I'm sending every spare $10 I have his way.

Candace Salima said...

Very funny, Alice. But I'm still backing Mitt too. Although I really like Herman Cain too. Either one could win, and it wouldn't hurt my feelings. :-)