Monday, September 19, 2011

Dam Post

Here are the photos
straight from my camera
in July.
They present our trip in July
back from California.

For some dam funny stuff,
read more.

I couldn't get my little whimpy camera
to capture this sight.
This road climbs elevation
and almost looked like it
was in route to heaven.
And remember,
I am an expert on heaven.
Just check out my klout,
it doesn't lie.

Oh no an excess of water,
what are they going to do about it?

What was that C3p0?
Build a dam?
Or is that the eye of God talking
that Abigail made in 5th grade?

Is building a dam the best idea?
Dam straight.

And then we can name everything after it.
What a great idea.

I really hated to drive on 
when I knew it meant I was going
to have to miss 
the dam jam.

I wish I had some money here.
Or in any dam bank account.

Definitely the most touristy trap place ever.
When LG and I stopped to use their restrooms,
we both ran to our gender appropriate lou's.
And I chuckled as I could hear LG's peeing through the wall.
That was dam funny.

Watch out for the chocodiles.
I believe they are at least 2 dam years old.

Have a fabulous dam day.

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I love you more than any other dam thing.


Gina said...

Chocodiles are a vice at our house. I can only find them at the hostess outlets... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Loved it :) And I hope you have a fabulous dam day too!!