Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing Fortune

LeGrand took me for the yummy Chinese lunch buffet today.
He ordered me an additional dish
of my favorite walnut shrimp.
On top of the all you can eat buffet.
Just because it's my favorite
and it wasn't part of the buffet.
Now, that's true love.
When it came time to pick a fortune, 
I felt equally drawn to both.
And when we opened and read, I realized why.
They applied universally.

We share.
Fortunes because they apply equally.
Moments because they are ours.
Secrets because we don't want to share them with anyone else.
Intimacies because even being naked isn't close enough.
Thoughts because we honor one another's opinions.
Feelings because we want to be close.
Disappointments because they are easier 
when you have a hand to hold.
Triumphs because we did it together.
Congratulations because we both deserve recognition.
Children because they are our greatest creation.
Love because there's no other word.
Belief because we believe we are a small part of a great plan.
Money because you earn it and hand it over.
Clothes because sometimes your shirt is just more comfortable.
Toilets because we've got stories.
Cars because you let me drive and I change the oil.
Food because two entrees are better than one.
Pets because you bring them home and I feed them.
Parents because yours and mine are ours.
Music because we dance.
Beds because your always warm.
Traditions because we combined our pasts.
Futures because they are intertwined.
Sharing is best.
Sharing is fun.
Sharing is growth.
Sharing is double.
Sharing is joy.
Sharing is bliss.
Sharing is necessary.
Sharing is right.
Sharing is our great fortune.

I love you my better half and best friend. 
14 more decades sounds still not long enough.
Happy Anniversary to the man with whom I share everything.


Kathy said...

John and I will celebrate our 7th anniversary right after baby #4 is born. In some ways it seems like it has been longer and in other ways it seems like it has been shorter. Life sure is interesting and is SO much better with your best friend as your partner.

Kathy said...

P.S. Happy Anniversary!

ShEiLa said...

Tony and I collect fortunes that we find in cookies at Chinese restaurants.

Happy Anniversary!

Sorry that I came home and didn't get to stop yesterday... but next trip I will try to plan ahead.

Hugs to you Alice!


Angel said...

Happy anniversary!

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary!! How lucky to have had a summer wedding. Had I been a better planner, I would have met Steve six months later, so we wouldn't have had a December wedding. . .