Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This One's For the Boys (and Men)

The other day we were getting lunch ready
and I told Sophia to go ahead
and cut herself some cheese
from the big block of Cheddar.

(You already know where I am going with this, don't you?)

Sophia is trying with all her strength.
She declares,
"I can't cut the cheese."

I respond with a chuckle,
"You can't cut the cheese?"

Originally Sophia doesn't get my joke.
"No. Mom, it's too hard."

Me: "It's too hard to cut cheese?
We better tell dad about this."

The mention of her dad
is a dead boy joke giveaway.

"MMoooommm. Gross."

I wish she couldn't cut the cheese.
I really do.
I wish even more
that her dad couldn't cut the cheese either.

Here is some more fun boy type entertainment.
This top video is the bomb.
LG wants to recreate it using nerf guns.
Right after he makes a hilarious video about cutting cheese.


ShEiLa said...

What a great Mom you are... your girls are gonna have to be on their toes with stories like this.


terbear287 said...

Holy oh my stinkin heck that Justin Timberlake video had me crackin up at my desk. People were looking at me funny.

Love love your blog!