Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mini Mommy

Lookee here.
Caroline is evidence
modeling works.

She blogs.

She talks on the phone.

She puts her baby to bed with a bottle.
(I have to wonder if 
she will put her toddler 
to bed with a bottle too?)

She wears lipstick.
She walks around the house 
in her underwear.

I'm so flattered.


Linda @ USSParenting said...

Your like girl is so cute! I can remember when my daughter would be my little shadow all day long. She is all grown up now and helps me pick out clothes to wear. The tables are certainly turned now! Stopping by from FB and following you via GFC. Have a great day!

ShEiLa said...

Adorable post cause Caroline is so adorable... I love that she wears lipstick in her underwear... you never know when you will have surprise company at the door. ;)


Rita said...

LOL -- LOVE these photos -- she is adorable. The pencil on the computer and the phone shot crack me up -- she looks so serious and like she is taking some important notes.