Sunday, July 03, 2011


I am so grateful that there are 12 step groups
within the LDS church.

Working the12 steps has changed my life.
I will be always indebted to
Cokesbury Methodist Celebrate Recovery
where my journey
with overcoming codependency began.

I am also so totally grateful for my
weekly support group
here in Utah
that happens to be at the LDS church.
It's great to share the 12 steps with
my brothers and sisters in the gospel.

Here is an awesome news story
about the LDS 12 step program.
It's a breathe of fresh air to me
to see the honesty.

So many people need recovery
from so many addictions.
This program is truly inspired.
I encourage you with all my heart
to find a program near you
if you feel you need help.

Codependency is tricky.
It's not as obvious for the sufferers.
If you have an addict in your life,
and sometimes feel personally out of control,
I also encourage you to research codependency
to see if you can be helped.

1 comment:

Holly said...

What a miracle this program is in so many lives! There is nothing so powerful than finally admitting that we need help, and then being able to recognize where that help should come from. God is great.