Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Yes, I am talking to you, young lady.

My Abigail is 12.
And she is loving it.

I never want her to be a mean girl.
I hope she will be friends with everyone.
I think I was guilty of being a mean girl
as a teenager,
and it's one of my few life regrets.
I wish I would have not worried about my popularity status
but just loved everyone.

Go here for a good article about bullying.
I am gonna make Abigail read it.
Just in case she could use some help.
With being bullied.
Or bullying.
"Being nice" talks are very important
when a girl has three little sisters
who watch her every move.

Now on to other things I say to Abigail too often.

 Did you finish your homework?

 Who farted?

 Go to your room.

 No dating until you are 16.

 If you don't have anything nice to say,
don't say anything at all.

 Wash your face.

 You're so sexy.

Look me in the eye.

  Quit primping already, it's time to go.

 You are so beautiful.
You don't need make-up.

 I love you and I'm proud of you.

 C'mon, give me a hug. PLEASE!

 How was your day?

You are so cool.


Alice Faye said...

Love the pictures. I was going through pictures last night and had several of Abigail when she was a baby. Still can't believe she is 12 years old.Am missing my girls---a lot!!

Hope to hear from you soon with an up-to-date report on Sophia.Jordan, Logan, and Amy all asked about her yesterday.

ShEiLa said...

12... wow! I remember those days... vaguely.

I love the photos that go with what you say too often.


momto5 said...

You are so right about never being too old, as a
Mom of 3 teenage boys I believe that is one reason
Our boys are still close to us, so many parents
Give their kids too much freedom when they are
teens thinking they r giving them independence,
but teens still need the boundaries just like
Toddlers do. They know you know what is going on
In their lives, even though they may not
Act like it sometimes.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Dawn, If I could choose one person to take advice from about raising teenagers it would be you. Thanks for commenting. Sometimes it surprises me when people read my blog. :) Today was one of those great surprises.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh and I love you too Faye and Sheila. It's just that you always leave me comments because you guys are the best!!

Anonymous said...

I have never noticed (until this post) just how much Abigail and Sophia resemble each other! Wow!

Amanda W

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hi Amanda. I hope you are going to try and win my comment contest!!! :)

Yes, it is weird that sometimes you can look at Abigail and Sophia and see so much resemblance and other times they look so different. Man, we miss you all.

Meagan said...

When I was reading this post I told Jordan that Abigail totally looks like Sophia in the "sexy" picture where she is leaning her head back laughing. Then when I clicked comments I saw that other people noticed that too. I have never noticed it until today. It makes me miss you guys more than ever!! I feel like we'll never get to see you guys again! Get us a job out there ;)

Valerie Walker said...

Testing... can I comment? haha I am trying to see how to do this! :)