Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh no!

I have been getting all kinds of updates from Knoxville.
Friends without power for days.
And just when they were almost in the clear,
another round of 
tornadoes came causing  more chaos!

Of all the updates I have received, Amanda's post on Facebook has been the most entertaining of all, by far.

Her caption:
Oh, no! What do I do?

There is always humor.
Even in the midst of suffering.
I prefer the laughter
over the pain.
It's soothing to my soul.

I am so grateful for friends that 
always make me laugh.
Love you Amanda.


Amanda said...

I feel pretty honored to be featured in your blog!! Humor is my coping mechanism. Did I spell that right? Oh, and I love you more.

ShEiLa said...

When there are tiny issues with traffic lights you always have to resort to common sense and the stop-sign rules... but it seems that these days nobody even knows those rules.


jordan said...

Gun it and hope the other light is only red. That's what I always do. Besides, I have insurance and a crappy car.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Just so y'all know.....I heard many, many times on the news that where there were impaired lights, that intersection was to be treated as a four-way stop. :)

Love that picture. It's priceless!! Frame worthy, even. I smile every time I look at it or read the words...."oh, no!"

Holly said...

It is weird not having to worry about tornados any more. I kinda miss those evenings of hanging out in the basement with our little radio and LOTS of books and blankets. . .

Teresa Johnson said...

Bahahaha...great pic!