Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Visiting Teaching Message

In the Mormon church, we try hard to take care of one another.
One way we do so is through visiting teaching and home teaching.

We visit with each other every month to check in.
We ask, "How are you doing?"
We say, "I sure love you."

We discuss the topic of the month.
I loved the part this month that said, 
"providing for ourselves and others is evidence that we are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ." ~ Julie B. Beck
Consider yourself visited and taught.
So, how are you doing?
I sure love you.


ShEiLa said...

This is my kind of VT. I don't need someone at my house to visit... it never is the right time. So this is perfect. Maybe I am anti-social.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

When I say, "I sure love you," to those I visit teach, I actually mean it with all my heart. I sure hope my actions demonstarte that--not only during the monthly visit, but *all* month long--each and every month all year long--year after year! Love is a verb.

JennyLynn said...

This was a great VT message since I won't see mine at all this month. One had a new baby the other is out of town. I feel loved. Will read the rest of the message in a moment.

~adelle said...

Sometimes that is all we need, a little love and a little thought. Not much, but over time, it sure can make a difference. :)

Holly said...

For visiting teaching this month, we all got our kids and went to one of the sisters homes, and stuck them all in the pool while we sat on the edge and visited. My husband said that was cheating, since we didn't visit people one at a time. I told him that if home teachers had to bring all of THEIR kids along every time they taught, they would figure out how to get home teaching done around a pool ALOT SOONER!!

I felt loved, tanned, and relaxed, since for a whole hour my kids were entertained and not telling me how bored they were. . .