Tuesday, April 12, 2011


and it feels so good.


Sunday at church someone read a quote:
"An optimist laughs to forget, but a pessimist forgets to laugh."
I never considered myself an optimist,
until Sunday.
That is only one reason why church is awesome.
Church changes my perspective often.
I am so glad to belong to a church that no matter where I go, I am surrounded by family.
We've been busy moving in. Moving in to our new home in Orem, Utah.
As many of you know, we have lived here before. It's a weird feeling being back.
It's weird to come back to such a beautiful state and feel so at home. It seems we shouldn't feel at home considering how much 8 years in Tennessee changed us, but it does feel like home. It feels optimistically comfortable.
I am so grateful to my brother who let me borrow his internet card. We won't have service for a whole 'nother week. I am going  a little stir crazy and am regretting not scheduling out some more posts. And for those of you who have tried to contact me, I will return your messages and e-mails just as soon as I dig my way out and get a faster e-mail connection.

Check out this photo that LG took on Saturday night. What a beautiful place we live. Beautiful indeed.

Come and visit us soon. We have the perfect accommodations for visitors.


Alice Faye said...

Is there a time limit on how long we get to stay? HAHAHAHAHHA!!

Jenny said...

That is a great photo. Was trying to guess where it was taken. Glad your getting settled.

Klin said...

Riverwoods!!!! Did you find any good deals?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Yes, Riverwoods!!! I was just there in December during Christmas--love to shop and eat there.

I was born and raised in Provo, so those big old moutains always wrap me in their arms when I visit. I feel warm and safe when I'm there.

And the Beehive State is indeed a beautiful state.

Rita said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so at home -- you sound happy!

Your opening line made me realize I've become a pessimist. Funny, I never considered myself one just as you said you never considered yourself an optimist. Guess I better work on that!

Miss you all -- please tell your kids hello from mine.

Klin said...

Riverwoods!!!! Did you find any good deals?