Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Here is the long awaited post.
I have had so many people ask me about the house that I posting before I even attempt to return e-mails.

Our new house is a lucky number. I am not saying it on here, but everyone got a good laugh at church on Sunday when I told them our new address and the we are The Gold's and we live in a gold house.

We try to make ourselves easy to find.

They thought it even funnier when I told them that we have a thing for picking great houses.
I am not sure if they believed me when I explained that we used to be The Gold and the end of  The Rainbow, but most of you know that to be true.

Caroline loves our front window.
She smiles and blows kisses to everyone who passes.

Obviously my mom doesn't read the blog.
This is what she brought me for the porch.
I've only lived in Utah for two weeks and I'm already a hypocrite.

Our front room.
I can't believe that I live in a house that I love.
Thanks so much to my mom for her generosity in the decorating and furnishing department.
She thought it was about time that I love my space.
And she was right.

I absolutely went gaga over this portrait of the Salt Lake Temple.
This photo does not do it justice.

It looks like the girls have made themselves at home.
We already have Uno cards all over the downstairs family room floor.

Do you see those couches? They have your kids names on them.

And this is Abigail's room adjacent to the family room.
It's pretty much a Five Star hotel.
It doubles as the guest room.
Come visit soon, ya hear?
You can't see the beautiful photo of the dogwoods.
You will have to see for yourself if it does Tennessee justice.
I think it can only do so much when it's just in black and white.
Abigail and I fraught over who got this portrait for a whole 24 hours.
Her decor won out. Boo hoo.

Our office is in a little alcove off the family room.
It's perfect. We were able to put in a table next to the desk for homework/laptop space.

The table is to the right.
You can't see it but straight ahead is the downstairs bathroom.
We put in one of those extra roomy shower curtains just for you.

Here is half the backyard.
I can't wait to plant some stuff in the flower bed.
LG loves the shed. It's an extra bonus. And doubles as the kids clubhouse.
I think today he is really happy that it only takes him a half hour to mow.
We are gonna save ourselves some serious yard-work time.

The other half. The girls love the swing.
LG and I have been too busy to take advantage so far.
The photo is taken from the garage door entrance. You have to go through the garage to get to backyard.
Olive and KittyBear use the doggy door.

Back inside.
Going down the hall.

Our room.

Our half bath.
I told the owner of the house that having our own sink and toilet is an upgrade for us.

We still have to share the shower in the bathroom down the hall with the kids.
LG wanted to keep the extra powerful showerhead,
but I told him it would have to be toned down so that I could actually stand to shower.
LG loves the shampoo dispenser.
I love the glass doors that keep the kids from splashing water all over the place.

Sophia and Bella are so proud of their new room.
They even make their beds every other day.

Thanks to my mom and dad for the new bedding and dressers.
It is awesome having their own special space for all their things.
They even shut their dresser drawers every other day.

Last but certainly not least, Caroline's room.
I picked out the shabby chic cherry blossom bedspread.
The green leaves match the antique dresser  perfectly.

The old vanity/desk is painted white and ready to be moved in also, but I haven't done it yet.
One thing at a time.
Next project is painting all my old frames brown to make a collage downstairs.
I'll keep you posted.
You know I will.


Rita said...

I LOVE your new home and I am so happy you love it too. You certainly do deserve it. Everything looks so comfortable and wonderful!

Miss you terribly, but glad things are falling into place so nicely!

Dorry said...

Your new home is beautiful! And so roomy! I am so happy you have a nice place to call home and start a new chapter in your lives.

One Happy Family said...

I have such an excitement for you guys! I can already tell you are loving it there and will be very happy. I think it's like you said, you miss TN but going back to Utah is like going home. I felt the same way when we moved back to where we're from. Congratulations! Your new home is beautiful! I love all the pictures on the wall (temple and Savior) looks great! I'm so happy for you I kind of want to come out there- it looks nice. :)

Lori said...

AWESOME! It looks fantastic! I might be most happy about the dishwasher.

RedefinedPossibilities said...

Doing a great job Alice. Bless your mom for filling in with some sweet touches"!

Alice Faye said...

My favorite is that little girl looking out the window. It all looks wonderful. Can't wait to see it in person.

Mrs. Billen said...

You are all unpacked AND have pictures on the wall? You're amazing. I have lived in this apartment for 8 months and I still feel like we're moving in.

Amy Niebuhr said...

I can't believe all that you have done in such a short period of time!!! Next time we move I'm flying you out to help me put my house together! You have 2 years to rest!! The house/decorating looks great. I'm so happy for you guys!!

A Busy Nest said...

The home is great and totally looks western inside and out. Less yard work sounds great. The wreath is hysterical! Are you sure she doesn't read your blog and isn't funny like you?! I hope everything goes well for you there. So jealous of the school time...I'd probably quit homeschooling.
You're awesome Alice!

Renee said...

ALG, you're a decorator after all! I love your house, especially your pictures and art, but am sad I never got to meet you in person. Maybe we can meet when I bring my son out to the MTC.... keeping my fingers crossed and my attitude positive!

Your little curly locks is a doll!

cally said...

It's so great!!! So much space, and new carpet!! I'm so happy! You're bedroom looks awesome. I love the bench at the end of the bed. I'm so excited to come sleep in Abigail's bed.

I mean...yeah sure. it's okay. whatever.

cally said...

I miss you.

cally said...

I miss you.

Amy Niebuhr said...

I can't believe all that you have done in such a short period of time!!! Next time we move I'm flying you out to help me put my house together! You have 2 years to rest!! The house/decorating looks great. I'm so happy for you guys!!