Friday, February 18, 2011

The World Is Just Awesome : Discovery Channel

Do you remember this old post?

Here is another great video about the world that I love.

Why do kids make me so emotional?

I love great teachers. hmm. Maybe I should write a song about it.

Bella and I spent our date night watching Boom De Ya Da videos.

Here is one of our favorites:

Go here to watch all kinds of entertaining videos:

This one is for the guys:


ShEiLa said...

Your Majesty... thanks for introducing me to Boom de ya da!

That isn't the song I sing when life prompts me... it changes depending on the thing that made me think of a song. But it is important to sing in order to get through life.


Lindsey Rose said...

I was laughing so hard on the harry potter one! That kids one is great too. so funny, we could totally make an LDS version of Boom de yada! I love the Priesthood, Releif society, we love the potlucks and kids in primary......