Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Facebook - January 2011

None of you will probably read this, but I thought this would be a great way of recording my state of mind on a monthly basis.

1/1 Graffiti - Welcome to Knoxville TN. Our roads suck and so do our red traffic lights.

1/2 My year in Status - It was a hard year, but even hard years are worth living.

1/3 14 books in 2 months...not bad at all...I'm almost feeling proud of myself.

1/4 Ahhhh...peace and quiet. And the kids haven't even gone back to school. I love 2011.

1/4 Ritalin is a miracle drug. I wonder if they make something like if for people without ADD...oh yeah, it's called speed...where can I get some? I want to be as productive as (to remain anonymous) has been in the last week.

1/4 We enjoyed downtown Knoxville withy my kids and in-laws today. Movie at the TN Theater, dinner at Market Square, and ended if off with the Sunsphere. I guess we won't have any regrets if we end up having to move when LG gets his dream job...I do want to go to some Civil War sites. Anyone have any favorites?

1/5 the whole family is reading b4 bed tonight...from classic scarlett letter 2 robert jordan all the way dwn to 39 clues, the tales of beatle bard and roald dahl...back to schl tomorrow...sometimes I wish we all could just read at home.

1/7 picture of Sonic smoothie - mama's treat for doing daddy's morning duty.

1/7 picture of local newspaper foreclosures. Sign of bad economy: 6 pages of foreclosures in KnoxNews.

1/7 Would anyone like a free dog? We got her from the shelter last year and she is house trained and great with kids. She is about 2 years old, 12 lbs. and part chihuahua. She loves to walk/jog (she runs FAST), and is great with other dogs (she prefers dogs bigger than her). We will give you her kennel also.

1/7 Just saw True Grit....wondering how it got such good reviews...I can't hande such graphics...yuck

1/8 We are not defined by what happens to us, but prepared. (not sure who said it but it's true)

1/9 I am grateful for a yankee superintendent who doesn't call off school for snow until the snow is actually falling...I am hoping that my kids get to go to school tomorrow because this mom needs some quiet time. LOL

1/10 I haven't shoveled that much lovely powder since the Winter of '02 when we still lived in Utah. Man, I wish I could go skiing.

1/11 NNNNNOOooooo, not ANOTHER snowday!!! At least when my kids r home 4 a month at a time in the summer, we can leave the house.

1/13 its mamas night to be alone but of course I'm going to hang w my sisters at church

1/14 toasted whole wheat bread with peanut butter, bananas and marshmallow fluff washed down with a glass of 1% milk and I don't even have any healthy food resolutions.

1/14 one of my friends just wrote "sick" as their status update and I almost hit the "like" button until I realized that could be construed as mean.

1/14 is anyone up for a girls night out tonight?

1/14 Call me old school, but I will always be a Scorpio and Pluto is still a planet.

1/15 I am writing a searchless and moral inventory...good stuff.

1/16 So so interesting. I can't stand reading the perfect Mormon Mommy blogs nor can I stand reading the ones written by completely negative haters, but it seems that these are the kind of blogs that get read the most.

1/17 is calculating cost of living in different parts of the country...wish I could somehow get back to sunny California, but I am not sure there is room there for a conservative like me.

1/18 I must read The Scarlett Letter.

1/19 I am LOVING Steven Tyler and JLO. After last season's fiasco with Ellen DeGeneras. I am so happy that I will be able to watch the whole American Idol season this year.

1/19 Best moment of the night on AI: the twin brother in tears. Everyone should have someone who loves that much.

1/21 I wonder if they got the idea for Diego's awesome backpack from the original batman. However, I don't wonder why LG likes watching the show with Caroline.

1/22 about to watch the social network. Lots of unnecessary sex scenes, and kind of documentarish..

1/23 LG's super excited about our new weekly couple planning meeting

1/24 My congregation would like to collaborate with other churches/support organizations to provide a free carnival for local families who care for children with special needs. Would any of you like to get involved, or do you have any connections with people who would?

1/24 My little cheerleader...how did this happen..she's the quietest one. LOL Sophia is gorgeous and I loved watching the joy on her face.

1/24 My Bella playing ball...somebody in this family was bound to do something that dad will enjoy eventually. Love you Bella. You are great on that court.

1/24 does anyone know about Spring Softball signups in fountain city or powell? Bella wants to play.

1/25 Does anyone know of any great online resources where I can get weekly healthy menus with accompanying shopping lists?

1/27 I really think that Mitt Romney could be the next Ronald Regan for US economy. C'mon people if our citizens can elect a Catholic, an undeclared Muslim..isn't it about time we gave the Mormon a real chance?

1/27 Steven Tyler is a big old teddy bear. I just love him.

1/27 I had an epiphany yesterday. God doesn't love any of his children less than others. It's just that we children vary in our ability to receive his love. Whoa. This answered a philosophical question that has bothered me for years. Am I getting that wise or was I just really dumb?

1/28 If LG gets a job out of state he is gonna have to drag me away and brave some serious kicking and screaming.

1/30 hopes LG will survive church today; I'm staying home

1/30 the sounds of my man, 4 daughters and our dog outside together are music to my really stuffed up ears


ShEiLa said...

Surprise... i DID read it Alice.

I think I will go and post mine now... I am sure not nearly as interesting as yours.


Rita said...

I read it too!

If I posted all of mine for a month I know this for a fact...there would be a lot of ... (since that is apparently my top "word" used on Facebook in 2010!)