Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Snow Blues

After a month of almost consecutive snow days and Winter Break,
this mom is officially in Cabin Fever mode.

I even pulled out my old gowns as a new point of interest.

I have been in a foul mood.
I am not sure quite why.
It's a combination of things, I am sure.

The lack of sunshine.
My house being at 60 degrees to conserve cash.
The cooking three meals a day,
EVERY day.
O.k. I'll be honest:
no breakfast
just lunch dinner and the 4th meal.

The daily routine of
Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Cake Boss
should be envious.
(And just for the rest of you moms who are trying to survive
with a Netflix membership
because the remote
to the digital converter went missing ages ago
and you don't have any real T.V.
the last of those three shows is the winner of
Best Entertaining TV)

And there's nothing like a really long
run-on sentence to express the true sentiment
of my last month.

I've been dreaming of going to Carlos' Bakery
for a warm lobster tail or crumb cake.
Of course, in my dreams,
I am decked out fashionably
with my hair done, make-up on, and nails brightly painted.

I guess if my mind really had some imagination
I should have been wearing a Miley wig
and some Wizard glasses.
Because that is what the kids would find entertaining.

But, in my dreams,
I am all alone.
Go figure.

And then I sit to blog.
Because maybe it will help me find myself.
Or at least pull me out of this mood.

And I stumble upon this old photo:

and I remember how awesome my kids are.
And how fast they grow.

And then the smell of a poopy diaper
brings me back to my senses.
Just as Caroline goes flying off the bottom of treadmill.

And for the millionth time
with my kids
we laugh.
And I think
it's too bad
their teachers don't get to
see them at their best.

And I tell myself
to embrace these snow days.
Because even though the days go by so very slow.
The years fly by.

And, next winter,
if I am lucky
The Tennessee weather God
may bring no snow at all.

But of course,
by then I may be living in South Dakota.

And LG will still be saying,
"Oh, but this is still nothing
compared to the Winter of '88."

And I will no longer wonder how my mom survived
with seven children
because I will be longing
for my childhood
Southern California.

Where snow days
don't exist.


Holly said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned Hannah, Wizards and Cake Boss, because this fall, we got netflix on our tv--since we don't have cable. After a week of the kids viewing these programs incessantly, Steve and I pulled the plug. It was driving us batty.

You rock, my friend! And I am wishing you a normal, non-snow day tomorrow!

Lori said...

The sun is shining. I have high hopes. Maybe.
You are so right on about how fast they grow...that has been on my mind lately.
But I think I prefer snow days, because I'd rather fix lunch than pack lunch any day. :)

Renee said...

I think we're going to the library tomorrow. I'm going stir crazy... but in a good way. I've cooked myself silly and now I'm out of ideas!

I've got to get out!!!!

Diana W. Windley said...

I think that I remember that polk-a-dot dress from our days at the Riv...

ShEiLa said...

I love this post... and although I can't really relate to snow days... and my kiddos are all gone. I remember the days when feeding and entertaining was a full time job.

I love you Alice.

(i get it)


jordan said...

No snow here, but I miss it. There had to have been more snow on your mission though. And back then you HAD to get out and work in it. I love the snow and no, there will never be a winter like that of '88, I even hear about it down here..."Remember when we got that powdering we got back in '88? The kids even made a snowman and had a snow powder fight."

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Alice, forgive me for peaking into your blog today. Well, I clicked on Lori's link (snow days).

I didn't realize you grew up in CA. I can so relate. I raised my 6 children in CA. Lori (our youngest) was 2 1/2 when we moved to TN. We were introduced to snow days early as back in the 80's we really did have big snows here that lasted forever. I have to admit I LOVED the snow days here--everyone one of them. But perhaps it was because my children were a little older (2-13 years) and the hard child rearing days were in CA with that beautiful sunshine every day and no such thing as snow days. I love both worlds and am glad I got to experience both.

Loved your post.