Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Infinite Love

Even if they don't seem loveable,
one of God's greatest miracles
is the love he has for each of us.

He even loves the
rich and famous.
(The Real Housewives
are a whole different kind of star)

I think that has got to be hard to do.
To love everyone.
To know them intimately.
To see their good
even when they often act bad.

The next time I hear about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab,
I am going to choose not to judge,
but to remember that God loves her.

And then I am going to force myself
to realize that
he loves me too.

Even when I do the same stupid thing
for the millionth time.


Jenny said...

LOL...I loved this post Alice. Your so creative, those Real (not) Housewives really should be called something else. I saw one the show for the first time not long ago and was laughing at them. I vow to have more compassion for their sad lives.

ShEiLa said...

Makes you feel kind of special doesn't it. You have such a talent for posts that make me ponder.