Sunday, September 05, 2010

You, Alone

A few weeks ago,
I found myself in a Japanese fast food place
ordering food to go.

I didn't want to eat in the restaurant alone.
So, I ate it in my car,
while wishing I had stayed in the air conditioned building.

This video spoke to me.
I am posting it for your self evaluation.
Even though LeGrand doesn't like it.
But that's just because he's the kind of guy
that isn't afraid of being alone.


The B Hunters said...

ok. I love this!!!! Heather Brimhall

Gina said...

That was PHENOMENAL! I want to be like her! What an inspiration to be comfy in my own skin.

(I eat in my car too...)

Renee said...

"Dance like no one is watching because they probably aren't"...

ShEiLa said...

I didn't watch the video...

but I don't like eating at restaurants alone either.

I do ok... home alone. But I think this is going to be a long week without my hubby.