Thursday, September 02, 2010


Sophia started another new vocabulary word.
I told you before about

We've been using it for a while.
We've also been using


It means kind of, nothing exciting, mediocre, in the middle,
or I am not really sure what to say right now.

It's a noun, verb, and adjective all in one.

How was that ski lift?

Were you scared?

What would you call a ride like that?

How old is this picture?

Implement it.
It's a perfect word.
Shortened to ish.


brimhallbunch said...

love this word. it's so ish! How i miss my gold star friends :)

ShEiLa said...

I make up my own words all of the time... I love awesomility and ish.

Love that photo!


Renee said...

I say "eh"... "ish" is much prettier.

Love your girls and LOVE that photo! You're such a trooper.

nicole m. said...

You know I read a very interesting article about proper english the other day & it said that the idea of proper english is complete rubbish. It said that any creative writing teacher would tell you that language is something individiual for each person & although you might not use "ish" in a business letter that it is perfectly acceptable within the framework of writing & vocabulary. My point is you would be great at homeschooling because your a rebel who is so not ish. ;-)