Monday, September 20, 2010

Constitutional Rights

I will not even claim to be an expert on the topic.
LeGrand came home from law school one day
saying that he could study the U.S. Constitution the rest of his life
and still not be an expert.

I base everything off of my own experience.
And if LeGrand could study something
for his whole life
and still not be an expert,
I know that thing is complicated.

because of my own experience,
I know how inspired our Constitution is.
Because LeGrand is uber smart.

I just read this speech
by Dallin H. Oaks.
He was a professor at the University of Chicago,
a Supreme Court Justice in Utah,
and is now an Apostle of the Lord.

How amazing it would be
to be that wise.
I'm not.
Never will be,
at least not in this lifetime.

I, however, am good with people.
I love people.
I love their stories.

The other day
as I was checking out at the grocery store,
I hit it off with our bagger.
She had an accent.
Through my great interrogation skills,
I found out she was originally from
The Soviet Union.

She has been in the States for 6 years.
She was adopted from an orphanage at 10 years old.
This hit home
because for some reason,
I only had Abigail with me.
Abigail is 11,
and she was very interested
in this girl,
when I pointed out
that she was Abigail's age
when arriving in America.
And her English was awesome.

I asked her if she missed her home country.
She quickly said, "No."
I questioned further with, "why?"

She said one word:

She knew what she was talking about.
She said,
"over there I was stuck in an orphanage."
"Here I have a family,
a good job,
a good life.
I live a dream life."

What more do you need
to know that our Constitution
was divinely inspired?



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ShEiLa said...

That is one thing we American's take for granted here in the good ole USA. Freedom.