Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where my kids at?

In honor of those Safetey's at ABES who brave my van door that sticks.
I love my Honda Odyssey.
But, I wish I was lucky enough to have a Swagger Wagon.

"No, seriously honey, where are they?"

"Right there."

"Oh, o.k. cool beans."


stacey said...

So stinkin' funny. I want to email to everyone I know! Thanks for the laugh. See you tomorrow.

Lovable Lies Family said...

So funny! But I think my vans pretty dang cool too.

Gina said...

Oh boy. didn't think anything could be better than that dad rap deal... so so so so funny! Posting it.

One Happy Family said...

This is on my blog too. I love it. Too bad artists don't compose songs like this for the radio. We would totally jam out to it in the car.