Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Who is your hero?

It's a simple question that when answered tells a lot about a person.

I have lots of heroes.

Jesus Christ.
Parents of special needs' kids.
Teachers who love what they do.
Servicemen and women and their families.

Anyone who stands for what is right, even if they do it alone.

A friend of ours, Derek Hinckley, has a song called My Hero.
It talks about heroic Christlike qualities and the love for a parent.
Every mom and dad should be a hero.
If any of you know happen to know Kenny Chesney personally,
or his agent, or someone who knows his agent,
maybe you could turn him on to this page on facebook:
It's an amazing song.
Its video was chosen my Sean Hannity to be a finalist.

For now, here's a Kenny Chesney video that I just enjoyed immensely.
I want to drag LG out to a High School football game
and see if I can get "that feeling" back.
I couldn't help but think of my brother Erick
while watching.
He loves the game of football.
And gets to hold on to THAT FEELING
while coaching in Rexburg, ID.
Here's a link to Kenny's song
The video makes the song even better.

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ShEiLa said...

I have some of the same heros as you do. Plus My Mom is a hero. How she raised seven girls is beyond me.