Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When we first moved to Knoxville,
seven years ago,
I would drive by this house often.

It was for sale.

One time during an open house
I went inside and dreamed of buying it,
and filling it with foster children.

There are about 12 spacious rooms
each with its own bathroom.

Filling the house with children
seemed the only alternative
when thinking of the
only other choices
I could figure:
Being occupied by
a small family with two children
or a bed and breakfast.

As I walked through the spacious kitchen,
I imagined a bunch of sets of little hands
pitching in at family meal time.

And as I left,
I pictured the porch swing.
I would have to install one.
But, there would be a swing.

Because that is how my daydream
always ends.

Me and LeGrand
sitting on the swing
watching our posterity
play on the lawn.

I love my husband.
He is the man of my dreams.


Laura said...

I LOVE this house and it actually use to be a bed and breakfast! I'm sad I missed the opportunity to walk through it. . .i love walking through old southern homes.

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet, Ali. I love you!


Lovable Lies Family said...

You always amaze me!

ShEiLa said...

Love the house...
and the fact that you dream.
If you have no dreams...
what a sad life this would be.