Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Happy Birthday Big Guy.
I wish we could stay in bed all day.
And do nothing.
Or something.

But instead we will be
getting Caroline tubes in her ears,
closing your practice,
searching for a new job,
taking kids back to school shopping,
paying bills,
cleaning house,
working on church callings.

All of which will require us to get out of bed
I'm so glad I married a morning person.

One of these days,
let's get out of bed early,
and go somewhere
where we can stay in bed all day.


mother goose said...

happy b'day LG! Alice you sure have a lot going on! hope her surgery goes well.
Definitely send the kids out and have a day to yourself when everything settles, and if it doesn't settle you must then schedule a sleep day. Ever heard of that? Well, I announce it at least once a month. It does the body good.

ShEiLa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Good Luck Miss Caroline... I hope all goes perfect and that it helps.

YOU both deserve a vacation away from home where you can stay in bed. I hope that soon you can.

Wishing you the best for your employment endeavors.

Love you guys!


Lori said...

Happy birthday, LG! You guys are awesome.

Rita said...

Happy B-day to LG -- we love you guys and hope you were able to enjoy your day at least a little bit.

I tried to chat with you on FB just to find out how Caroline was and Sophia responded -- she informed me Caroline was pretty grumpy! LOL So I hope and pray you have or will be able to get some rest this evening and that Caroline is feeling back to normal soon.

If you and LG want to go out and celebrate his b-day call me -- you know the girls can hang out with us anytime!