Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our True Identity

I was hoping for something, anything inspiring at church today.

In Sacrament meeting, we got a talk about Staying Out of Debt.
Although it was good.
That topic is never really touchy feely for me.
Especially since we have so many law school loans.

My answer for greater peace
came today in the form of a video.

It seems like such simple message,
but I pondered on the application of it in my life.

If all of us
would just see ourselves
as God sees us,
we would not only be so much happier,
but we would have limitless potential.

We are all truly NOT ugly ducklings.

1 comment:

ShEiLa said...

WE are magestic and beautiful swans. Thanks for sharing ... although I have heard it before I could hear that story over and over and over again.