Tuesday, May 18, 2010


* just a note: this is the picture I decided to use as part of this post, it has no affiliation to Adrian Burnett, except for the fact that all the staff live the Golden rule. I don't want to get any non-believers out there up in arms.

If you live in Knoxville, Adrian Burnett Elementary is the place to educate your children.

I cannot praise the staff enough.

They help me to raise my children.

They mentor my children in one way that means the world to me:


Every year I get choked up. Every dang year! "Why", you ask? Those darn awards days. Yes, you wouldn't be surprised by me crying at the pride I have in my children. They fair well, but I am always proud of my children. It's something even greater than them.

It's this time of the year that I get to be proud of people besides my children. I am so proud of the teachers at Adrian Burnett. They believe in their kids, no matter how hard the year may or may not have been. The last week of school, you will find EVERY child leaving the school with a ribbon in hand and a message that will remain in the hearts of the children who attended this wonderful school, full of wonderful teachers, administrators, and support staff. The teachers find something to congratulate every child for whether it be "most improved reader" or "the nicest friend in the class". In fact sometimes, I leave, wishing that my kids would take one of these special awards home over the many others that they always get. What better message can a child earn than:

"I am good at something" and "Somebody noticed".

My love and admiration goes to them all. And my thanks goes to God because he has made it possible for my children to have such a wonderful opportunity to be educated in ALL the things of this world. Every day, they see by almost perfect example the power of kindness and service.


ShEiLa said...

That is a noteworthy story indeed. So many times we complain about what is wrong... and never mention what is RIGHT.

I love people getting credit where credit is due.


Lindsey Rose said...

I got choked up just reading this!

Amanda said...

I felt the same way as I was sitting there today. I am, rightfully, proud of Alli because she works so hard and does her best. She's earned those awards, no doubt. However, as a person who works with the children who work very hard and don't meet the requirements to recieve an award in certain categories, it is such a joy to see them recieve recognition for the individual successes. ABES does indeed teach the WHOLE child, as much as the law will allow, of course. I was in love with school and staff long before I became a staff member. As a mother of one of the aforementioned children, education is 90% encouragement, so an unconventional award can be a confidence-saver.

Btw-Your kids are amazing, which reflects back on their amazing parents!

Rita said...

Wonderful post Alice! Got me choked up as well. I have already been planning to bring a whole box of kleenex to our awards ceremony on Thursday. The mere fact that it is Ryan's final one in elementary school makes me want to cry right now! I love our school too and am very grateful for the wonderful staff.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Alice. As I sat there today proud of my own child, I seen 2 little boys who were overwhelmed by their awards- they even hugged their teachers. The look on their face said it all. I love the way every child is valued and told they are.