Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I want to start a revolution.

I want I AM_______BECAUSE_____ to become commonplace.

Forget "hello" or "how are you doing" or "I am fine".

I want friends and family to start using I AM __________ BECAUSE _________ in our everyday interactions. Especially the people at my house.

Why? Because I need to know how people feel without reading their minds. I need for the people around me to identify their feelings because I love them and I want them to be happy. And we can't turn our frowns upside down if we don't acknowledge that we are walking around with a frown in the first place. We also can't rejoice together if nobody ever communicates their triumphs or happiness.

So, I will go first. And then you can try. My goal is to have slightly more positive things to say than negative. Because I am a realist and I am not ready to completely ignore the negative quite yet.

I AM proud of this "I am" idea BECAUSE it is simple and I think in all it's simplicity, it could make a profound impact on the amount of therapy my family needs.

I AM Alice Gold BECAUSE I married LeGrand Gold and I couldn't wait to take his name.

I AM not going to be buying any Arbonne from Sarah BECAUSE I cannot afford it.

I AM somewhat frustrated today BECAUSE no matter how much things change, so many things stay the same, especially the ones I want changed.

I AM grateful for my friends BECAUSE they put up with my tendency to overshare, but I stand by my philosophy that it is better to overshare than undershare.

I AM worried BECAUSE my 5th grader is going to middle school next year and those kids at orientation today were looking kind of scary.

I AM hoping for a break from my baby BECAUSE I am over it today.

I AM mostly happy BECAUSE I am trying really hard to look for the positive.

I AM ignoring life with this blog post BECAUSE I am trying to avoid the things that make me feel crazy, depressed, or unloved.


Amanda said...

I AM loving you BECAUSE you are so very real and open and I agree with your philosophy, not to mention you are hilarious and wise.

I AM with you on the middle school thing BECAUSE I am a self proclaimed "hover mother" and I'll no longer be with my baby. And they grow up so fast once they hit middle school. And the teachers seem mean (I'm sure they aren't really, it's just yet another thing to blame me not wanting him to go; sounds better than the "hover mother" thing).

I AM positive that your 2nd "I AM" is my favorite BECAUSE I, also, remember not being able to wait until I was "Mrs. Bradley Woods". :)

I AM going to stop procrastinating now BECAUSE I like my job and want to keep it.

necturina said...

I am going to ignore all the shingles that flew off the roof yesterday because Scott comes home tomorrow and he's not afraid of heights.

Lori said...

Alice, your frankness is one of my favorite things about you. No mysteries, no hinting, no guessing...it's all out on the table. I totally get your desire for others to be a little more forthcoming instead of saying "I'm fine" and leaving everyone wondering why they're in a bad mood or whatever.
I AM impressed BECAUSE you are such a good thinker.
I AM conflicted BECAUSE it's my birthday but Emma has soccer pracitce, Ben has a make-up game, Josh has t-ball practice and I have enrichment. I want to do it all and none of it. I feel some entitlement to do what I want because I'm 31 now. I AM frustrated BECAUSE if there were more hours in the evening we could hit all the sports stuff together and no one would get short changed then I could go and enjoy my "mom meeting" then come home and have cake and ice cream with the kids. Instead we're going to be scrambling around and coming up short.
Was that oversharing?

Renee said...

I am loving that picture of your family because you guys are so beautiful!

I am very tired and want to stop making costumes, but I can't. (Long, boring story)I honestly didn't mind until a minute ago when I found out my neice and nephew are coming to stay for a week.

I am also happy because you posted and I like reading your, very honest blog. I like you, Alice.

ps. I am going to try to be more outgoing. I unintentionally make people feel left out sometimes.

ShEiLa said...

I AM crazy today... BECAUSE I have a depressed son suffering from anxiety and a daughter getting married in less than two weeks.

I AM a 'nutbag' BECAUSE my grown children are showing no loyalty to each other.

I AM grateful BECAUSE you posted this and I could acknowledge and accept my issues.


cally said...

I AM hungry because I want your shortcake.

I AM proud because my friend makes good shortcake.

I AM going to die soon because I'm addicted to sugar. And shortcake.

and I love you.

Laura said...

I AM having fun reading this BECAUSE I just watched a movie called "adam" and it's about a guy who Azberger's(?) syndrome and falls in love. Sweet movie.

I AM proud of you BECAUSE you just put yourself out there and trying to be positive is a hard thing to do.

nicole masters said...

I am feeling a little overwhelmed because there are so many things that need to be done & I have very little energy to do them all.
I am loving your blog because it makes me feel like I am not the only one who is crazy. lol
I am needing God's help because I am completely incapable of raising these kids without him.
I am going to get something to eat that is really bad for me because its one more away for me to avoid doing the dishes & cleaning the house.
Im feeling better already because I love the new I am way of communicating.

Bunch of Brooks' said...

I AM really proud that you are trying!! Good for you!(We've been there and have really worked hard to be where we're at now, so I'm glad to see when other people try because I know the joy that can come to a family who works on their trials!) Oh, and you have a beautiful, beautiful family...LOVED the picture!

Alice Faye said...

I AM feeling better today than I did over the weekend BECAUSE I had a case of sadness wishing all my kids and grandkids lived close to me so we could have Sunday dinner together like the Millers and Cruzes do.

I AM liking Duane better today than I did over the weekend. I didn't like him then BECAUSE I wanted him to say something nice about me like he did about somone else we know. (He actually did say something nice about me and he didn't even know how I was feeling. I didn't tell anyone except my journal-until now. Don't share my secret Alice!!)

Meagan said...

I AM grateful for you BECAUSE you taught me how to coupon and save lots of money.

I AM more in love with Jordan every day BECAUSE he is willing to stay home with Callie while he finishes school so that one of us can always be with the kids (even through the throw up nights when I have to work the next day).

I AM giggling BECAUSE I am thinking what an awesome Cause/Effect lesson this could be for my third graders. :)

Robyn said...

what a beautiful family!

Cheryl said...

I AM all done worrying about other people in my home that don't even attempt to express themselves, BECAUSE it exhausts me reading body language trying to figure out what is wrong. I AM with you Faye all the way regarding husbands that don't realize what a sweet comment can do for us,I am over it now BECAUSE I now define myself! I AM so happy that I just finished my first semester of college with a 4.0!!, BECAUSE I needed to find a way to believe in myself again. I AM seriously thinking of becoming active in Northeast Tn to demand cleaner, unfluoridated water, BECAUSE it is unhealthy!

Gosh I loved this! I better stop now...think I am due for a women's campout. I am mentally,emotionally and spiritually exhausted.

Keep on smiling Ali! You are beautiful!

Dorry said...

I am hungry BECAUSE I am on weight watchers.

I have been keeping this a secret BECAUSE I normally shout it from the roof tops that I am on a diet and within days i am found shoving oreos in my face.

i often type my i's lowercase BECAUSE i am too lazy to press the shift key.

I love this "I am" stuff BECAUSE i love love love writing about myself.

i offend my friends and family alot BECAUSE i say exactly how i feel and an very opinionated.

I am working on this BECAUSE how people feel really matters to me.

I have been changed in the last few months BECAUSE I finally realized all that i have and Who gave it to me.

I am sad right now BECAUSE i wish Alice was my neighbor. We would have so much fun having coffee in the mornings.

Jenny said...

I am tired of whiny children BECAUSE, I need a break. It isn't my children that are whiny!

I am with you on the middle school,except mine is Jr.High.

Wish my oldest was a baby right now, BECAUSE he could use a good nap! Talk about crabby patty!

I am always glad to read what you have to say, BECAUSE you express what is true to you. No matter how empty your Love Cooler may get, God Loves you Alice. He will help you fill it back up again.