Monday, August 17, 2009

Sister School

It's the first day of school again and so it's time to post an old photo and reflect on how time flies.

Here was the conversation at our house this morning.

Me: "Abigail, you're in 5th grade now, things are gonna be different. If those boys tease you about your bra, then you just need to laugh at it. If you get all upset, they will just keep teasing you."

Abigail: "I know mom, I already learned that with my sisters."

Me: "Good. I don't want you to be upset at school. Remember the way to know if a boy likes you is if he teases you or ignores you all together."

Bella: "Wow, Abigail, you must love me because you tease me and ignore me."

Man, I think I am going to like the kids going back to school. I feel awake at 8 am and am already getting my stuff done, including a blog post and making me shopping plan for the week.


ShEiLa said...

How cute are they...
I think you have some very cute girls.


Renee said...

Excellent. Seminary started this morning and I'm pooped at 9:30am!

Devri said...

lol Aanya got her first bra and she is in 6th grade, she was the only one in5th who did not have

how many do you have in school now sistah! Counting down, 2 more days!

mother goose said...

i had a 5th grader last year. This year she enters 6th grade and middle school. She has changed so much from last year.
I think your 5th grader will have a good time. She doesn't have to worry about those boys. They still don't like girls at that age, I think. However, my daughter got along better with the boys than the girls, no girl drama. I hate girl drama

sherry said...

I love back to school day. Can't wait to go and I was thinking I was the only girl in the fifth grade to wear a bra!

Alice Faye said...

Sweet girls. Did Abigail get her hari cut? Was it that short on Saturday?

Yvonne said...

Time goes much too quickly--my first year of having no one in school (well, except college ; )

Enjoy your little ones, alice.

Marla said...

Oh 5th grade. That's what I teach. LOL Drama drama drama!! That is the name of the grade! I hope she does wonderfully!!