Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He's an adjective.

He's doting
Me: "C'mon girls, help me come up with adjectives for dad."
Girls: "O.k."

Abigail says, "Ooo ooo, I got it. Ah man, the word is on the tip of my tongue."
Me: "What does the word describe?"
Abigail: "You know, stuffing your face with hotdogs."
Me: "Gluttonous"
Abigail: "What does gluttonous mean?"
Me: (referring to the dictionary)
"One who eats too much."
Abigail: "Yeah, that's the word."
I was thinking more along the lines of outdoorsy,
but I guess gluttonous will do.
(Thanks for all the campfires LG...
and the hotdogs)

Abigail: "Electronic - ee"

Sophia says "Happy"

Sophia says, "Sporty"
How about retired? (from coaching that is)
This man has seen enough pink soccer balls to last a lifetime.
Abigail says, "Seriously."

Bella: "Too much cents."
Or maybe she meant "too much sense."
Either works.

Abigail says, "Like father, like daughter."
(You have to understand that Bella is the chip connoisseur at our house)

Bella: "Love- ish"
Me: "You mean loving?"
Bella: "Yeah."

(The kids all look at me in awe because I just said the word sex)
Sophia agrees.

(The kids are losing interest in my game)

Abigail wants to prove that she isn't losing interest.
She says that this should be
"O.k. Bella, o.k., I heard you the first time."

Abigail says, "Freakishly weird."
I was thinking more along the lines of

He's the leader, but that's not an adjective.
How about trusted?


Abigail says, "Focused."


Picture perfect.
This one is for Cally because she said that Conan was perfect
and I don't want LG to be outdone.

I say sensitive.
Abigail says "Sensitive Four Eyes."

Abigail says, "French...or not."
"His name is French."
She must be listening.
How many times have I said it?
"His name is LeGrand, it's French, it means The Big."
Or the best interpretation: "The Big and the Mighty."

And lastly,
Completely unique, never to be duplicated, and certainly not cloned.

I love you LeGrand.
Words just don't do justice in telling how wonderful you are as a father.

Apparently, pictures don't do it either.
Next year I'll try to be as sweet as Cally.
This year it's just a good thing I finally finished this post after a week.
I love love love love LOVE you!
Happy Belated Father's Day.


Mel said...

Alice, You are so lucky! Legrand is the best! Wish you guys lived closer. Miss you guys!

Mel said...

P.S. I love your blog! Always makes me happy! :) :)

Klin said...

Better late than never ;)

This was a great post. Loved reading it. You've got lots of pictures. My hubs won't let me take many pics. He's a stinker :P

ShEiLa said...

so many adjectives.

I never had the pleasure of meeting LG when you were all here. So...
are the adjectives embellished at all? like the photos???

I sure do miss your regular posting. Ü


Lori said...

I love all the girls' comments, those will be so fun to look at years down the road. What did Caroline call him? Poopy?

cally said...

Those pictures are hilarious!

TheBig is very photogenic.

I love it.

MiaKatia said...

Love the pictures! Happy FD to the Big and Mighty.