Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My brother Adam has been guilting me about it for over a year.

I had been a member about four years ago, but it was back in prehistoric times and wasn't that exciting when it only included a couple of moms from church. (no offense to you moms)

So, I got a rare e-mail from a high school friend Shelly. She just had her first baby.

I wanted to comment on cute little Carlos. No, I NEEDED to comment. He is adorable and this mom HAD to tell that mom.

The next thing I know, I am SUCKED in. I mean, like I have been at my computer for two days straight. It's a really good thing that I have a newborn to blame for my inproductivity! (Sorry honey...no dinner again...she's just been so fussy all day)
Besides getting a sweet message from my first kiss, (If you are reading, you made my hubby cringe with your sweetness) (And LG, you know, I only have eyes for you!) I found another awesome find today.

It's a blog by two friends from High School. I loved this post by Chelsea about the Current Top 10 kids books. You all know how I love to read. And Where The Wild Things is my favorite of all time.

And on a sidenote. It's amazing how after almost 20 years, you can still share so much in common with classmates. Does this sentence from their "about" page not just sound like I could have written it:
"They love being a mom but have no problem admitting it’s hard."


Donna said...

I knew you'd see the light and come back! Its fun isn't it. I have to limit myself though or I wouldn't get anything done.

Chelsea said...

This is so sweet!!! Thank you Alice!

Alex said...

Alice, you are hilarious, and too sweet for mentioning Breezy Mama. And for the record, parenting is hard, damn hard.

Klin said...

Hey, I have a facebook, too! Who doesn't?

Devri said...

I have never really got into facebook, not enough time in my schedule! Hey this week, I am giving away a
on my background blog http://www.tweetestbackgrounds.blogspot.com/

Go enter cuz you rock!

ShEiLa said...

I FaceBooked it for like...
less than 2 weeks.

I prefer blogging...


mother goose said...

i do have a FB! I tried to keep it to only people I know in real life. But, I have to confess. I have 10 internet friends on my FB! But, I vowe to meet them in person, one day.

i am friends with exes and great friends from HS, college and TX! I love love FB! I was addicted now I'm normal with it. But, I am looking forward to my reunion 'cause I look HOT compared to most of the girls and the guys have mostly lost their hair and gained bellys. I wouldn't recognize half of my classmates on the street! I love that!! see living the word of wisdom does pay off!