Monday, March 23, 2009

Dad's Money

A few weeks back Bella accompanied me to the bank. It was a wondrous experience for her as she had never been to Daddy's work bank before.

We stood in the line for the teller.
Bella asked me about my little deposit bag. I explained to her that this was daddy's bank for work
and that I had to give the bank the money that dad had earned.

She asked me how much money daddy had in the bank. I told her that it wasn't very much, but that this deposit would give him more money.

She exclaimed to me and the three people behind us in line:
"Maybe we should go to daddy's work and get his money.
Daddy has a lot of money at work."

I was perplexed.

I then rememebered that we have been trying to teach Bella about coins. Daddy had given her free reign in his change drawer a few days before. She loved counting all those pennies. I guess I had better go and rescue the change from the office, now that you all know where mu hugely successful lawyer keeps his big bucks.


sherry said...

I love the way kids minds think..The best.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

You need to teach Bella that Daddy's real treasure is his little girls.

I am sure she knows it already though.

Great story.


Katina Angola said...

OOOOh a change drawer!!! All I have is a change jar. He really must be rackin in the big ones!

Rita said...

I love how a bunch of coins, even pennies seems like a fortune to little ones. Every penny counts, right?

Mother Goose said...

LOL< its all about perspective!