Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Yesterday the girls came home with the following news:

Abigail: "Mom, I didn't make student council again. There were two girls and one boy. I think that all the boys voted for the boy and the girl votes got split."

Sophia: "Mom, I voted for President today. I voted for the other guy. Obama looks too weird. Yeah, the other guy won in the first grade today. Everyone is afraid of Obama."

Funny that I thought McCain was the one who looks weird. Voldermortish.

It's a good think we got Palin. She should carry us with the first grade voters and the girl category. Don't you think?

I'm off to vote. Not that I need to. We know who's gonna win in Tennessee. We got all kinds of righteous people in this good old fashioned state.


Rita said...

I voted first thing this morning and was happy to see 40 or 50 people ahead of me and about 40 were behind me when I left.

My kids had a mock election at school yesterday too and it was actually a nice way to discuss the candidates and election with them. With Rach in particular I hadn't really said anything -- but she had some great questions! And it was also a great way to discuss that we don't follow the crowd or vote for the one who might seem the "coolest" based on what their friends are doing.

a wynn wynn situation said...

Man- I have to get to the poles before the 3 hour line forms. Glad to know the kids at your school know their stuff!

[Somebody Loved] said...

No big surprise to you...
I voted for Barack Obama.
Can't wait to see the final outcome. This election has been a crazy one with so any people getting involved in the political process. History in the making.

Wendy said...

I love that the kids get to vote. My kids actually voted both for seprate canidates.

How are you feeling? Take care of yourself.

Jenny S said...

If they had used the kids votes from our school I am sure McCain would have won!