Monday, September 29, 2008

Un-scary monsters

Don't you think your kids need some.

Check out Cally's newest creation.

I think if I win, I will give one away on my blog to see if I can boost my readership with shameless freebies too.

Because you all know I ain't makin anything near as good as Cally can.


devri said...

I betteer not have one, my kids will just tear it apart, and then the unscary parts would disapear, to make it scary.

Ok I want one anyways!!! thanks..

devri said...

Crap!! I really do know how to spell Better, but that is probably the one of only a few...

[Somebody Loved] said...

don't ya just love cally's creations? i know i do. since you have won before... does tht mean that cally can just write my name down four times????