Friday, September 19, 2008

Cook with common sense

Mom's advice for the day is cook with common sense.

And if you've don't got any, watch your mother in law while she cooks mac n cheese.

I used to always put the pasta back in the sauce pan and then add the rest of the ingredients in one at a time.

It was horrible.
The bottom would burn and the cheese would be clumpy and the pasta would crumble.

I may not have common sense on my own, but I do know how to watch and learn.
And, trust me when I say that I learned the much more effective method.

Leave the pasta in the colander. Then melt the butter in the empty sauce pan, add the milk and cheese, whisk, and wha's creamy sauce. Not clumpy or burnt.

And, THEN you add the pasta. And, it won't crumble.

It's as simple as well, should I say it? It's as simple as mac n cheese. And so was this post.


a wynn wynn situation said...

You are SO clever. Next time I make the "yellow death" (John's nickname for it :) I'll be sure to do it the easy way-

[Somebody Loved] said...


never tried it the common sense way before... I will try it.


Lori said...

I haven't made mac-n-cheese in a looong time. But the next time I do I am defifinitely making it like this. Brilliance!

Lindsey Rose said...

It is easier, but you forgot to add the part that your friend taught you to put a wooden spoon over the water so it doesn't boil over. :)

devri said...

How the crap did I miss all these posts, oh well, great idea there sis.

MiaKatia said...

Cooking with common sense has never been my strong trait either, but I am also a good "watch and learn" kind of girl.

Cookie said...

You are making me hungry!

Mother Goose said...

oh my gosh, either we just dont care about our mac and cheese or I have inhaled it so fast I have not noticed or WE just don't get the clumps. I will have to check it out next time we make this dish!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

My hubby does it that way... and I can't seem to kick the habit of doing it the clumpy way.