Thursday, July 24, 2008

I beg to differ.

About the smell, not the old people.


Yvonne said...

So, are you saying that we grandma's smell????

RedefinedPossibilities said...

DISAGREE with that article. Older people smell! There is a distinct body odor, greasy head - don't want to go up to them and sniff it out - smell. And the fact that I am over 50 makes me pause and consider just exactly what I will do, so that I DO NOT have any distinguishing "old people" smells. I think the person who wrote that article was over 60, and his nose smelling detector no longer works. Further - most brits that I have met - that still live there - and a lot of Europeans do not have great personal hygiene (sorry to offend any). The saying goes, Americans bathe daily and go to the market once a week. Europeans go to the market daily and bathe once a week.

Sorry to spew - I have been having issues with people about this subject recently. But thanks for a venue to express myself!!!!

Sheila said...

After reading the article... maybe old people don't smell IF they are old people with good hygiene. However, can't any person regardless of their age smell if they do not practice hygiene? Have you ever heard someone say, I don't like the smell in a hospital? I am not sure if there is an actual odor... or if smelling something once burns in your mind an association. If you can't relate to that... what about a dentist office. There is are some unique odors there. The dentist I worked for did his best to mask those smells... because even he didn't want his office smelling like 'the dentist' and he is a dentist. I definitely believe that there is a psychological link.