Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hit him with your best shot.

Sometimes your really bad boyfriend doesn't even deserve a decent blow to the head.

Sewage in, sewage out is what I say.

Or, if you must, use the couch.


devri said...

Wow toilet seat? I would have used the plunger, smart women, disease and ouchy will get ya everytime. he he

Katina Angola said...

funny you should mention old boyfriends, mine just recently emailed me after 8 years to apologize for how we broke things off.

Sheila said...

you seem to find the most interesting stories here [] they crack me up... I guess we will never hear about the husband killed by kindness.

a wynn wynn situation said...

Hmmm... so I can use a toilet seat OR a couch as a weapon? Who knew. People sure are strange and unpredicatable!