Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Foundation for a Better Life

I love these billboards. They are brought to you from an organization called The Foundation for A Better Life. I can't tell you how many accidents I have barely missed while cricking me neck on the interstate trying to read the fine print. Not to mention trying to photograph.

Love these....plan to try and get more for your view.

And, I plan to live by the lessons in them too. I love it when people are inspiring. I also love it when other people spend time and money and buy billboards to inspire others.


Rita said...

Ohhh -- I LOVE these billboards too! They always catch my eye!

Anonymous said...

They have great TV commercials too. ..

Sheila said...

cool billboards Miss Alice.
I love to see what some of these say too. Well I have been on the computer too long since I got home this afternoon. I will read your other posts tomorrow.

Yvonne said...

Find more--those are great. Thanks.