Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I just read Katie's post, and was thinking that I never got around to my Father's Day post.

LG got a new video game. He is very happy.
He loves playing video games with his kids, as you can see.

Why didn't I post about him like I sat down to do on Saturday night?

Well I was so tired from busily trying to be a good wife. We went and helped move furniture for LeGrand's dad on Friday night. It was his father's day gift to surprise him with a new office. (I am going to have to store that really good maneuver by LG's mom for future reference.)

Then we got home and worked in the yard. I remembered that we had better do something for the dad's at church. We had to go to Sam's and buy candy bars, and then I had to go and play the piano for the Varnon's so they could practice their father's day song. I got home and got things ready for LG's dinner of choice (taco salad, yuck!) Got everything ready for Sunday. Sat down to try and blog out my Father's Day message while the iron was getting hot. LG was already asleep and I remembered that it would be a shame for him to have to iron his own shirt of Father's Day.

The first post that I read, was this. Thanks for the reminder Cally. I had told myself on Monday that I would not go to church one more time without dying my hair. It needed to be done approximately two months ago.

So, LG, you know I love you. You know that all your girls adore you. I was and still am too tired to post a nice thing about you like Katie did. But, I hope you enjoyed your ironed shirt, sac mtg. musical number, taco salad, and candy bar. (I know I really do owe you a Snickers that wasn't on sale for the tint of coconut that you hate)

And, I am so glad that you are enjoying your video game for family home evening. Sophia is going to be the best video playin fool of a girl that was ever raised by her son less father.


Sheila said...

a DAD who gets a video game...
is a lucky DAD indeed.
My hubby was working so we will celebrate in his honor this Saturday... maybe he needs a video game too!
ToOdLeS, ShEiLa

ps. my hair needs a color too!

devri said...

At least you got him something, I never get him anything of value, I feel stupid getting HIM something with his own money... Guess I should get a job so I can buy him something...

Renee said...

We bought Scott some much needed clothes. He HATES clothes shopping so it was the gift that keeps on giving. I'm sure he would have much preferred a video game though. You're a good wife.

Yvonne said...

One day I should post about the day I TRIED to color my own hair. (It SHOULD be really easy, right???)

My Kyle would say your hubby is a really cool dad because he plays video games ; )

Sounds like he had a great Father's Day.

MoziEsmé said...

Great gift idea - and it entertains your kids at the same time!

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

LG is a great dad and those girls adore him! And good thinking about the ironing, that was part of Dougs Fathers day gift too!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I got the hubby a GPS and he's been playing with it like it's a video game ever since!

Alice Wills Gold said...

For inquiring minds, I have dyed my hair for about four years. I started going grey at 21, but was convinced that I could not dye by myself and I was way too cheap to pay someone else.

I finally got a pep talk from a friend that it wasn't that hard to do, and I now dye my hair about every 2-3 months.

You see the picture of the cheapest kind of dye I can find. (I recently found out that my sister uses the same kind)

My natural hair color is very similar to that od the dye....maybe just a tad lighter, but not much. You can not see my roots at all when my hair grows out...just those down grey hairs!

Klin said...

I am too chicken to dye my own hair. Straighten it? Oh heck yeah, but no dye it.

My hair isn't grey. It's silver. And shiny. It just screams hey look at me!!!!!

I like the low key father's day. That's what Al asked for. That's what he got. He took a 3 hour nap!!!! What was I doing? Cooking. And playing on the computer :P

cally said...

OUr favorite FHE activity is watching Conan play Super Nintendo. In fact, when Andy was asked why he loved his dad for a cute thing to be printed on our Ward Bulletion on Sunday, his answer was "He can pass all the Star Wars levels."

I am all about the hair dye. I'm a believer.

Mindi said...

dad+ video game = best father's day present, ever!!

Mother Goose said...

I love it. Dash and Sweetheart have the same video games. Dash is really good at all of the football games.

Terry said...

I think its sounds like LG had a great Father's Day. Hmmm... I don't think I know many people who think taco salad is yucky. Thats okay, everyone likes peanut butter and I didn't learn to eat until I was pregnant three years ago and very hungry.