Monday, May 19, 2008

A letter to my man

Dear LeGrand,

There is no one on this earth that is happier for you than me.

I am smiling HUGE thinking about you over at your new office,
being your own boss.

You are sitting at that big nice desk,
knowing that you are living the dream.

You must feel so fulfilled and so blessed.

I think that they were all right when
they told us it would be worth it.

God has been good to us and has sustained us.
I know he will continue to bless us.

I know that you are happy to live your dream.

Look at that smile.

I am happy because you are happy.

Even though our lives have been crazy for two weeks straight,
I got used to working by your side.

I want you to know that I am missing you very much.

I think that you are right when you said it's finally all coming together.

Now that you are working at your own office, I am just wondering one thing.

When will you take me out to lunch?

We could try the quaint BBQ place across the street.

But only if you want to lose weight.

( I thought that this was a sign with a misspelling until I realized their creative play on words.)

I think that this will be a perfect place for us to eat.
We can call ahead and lose wait time.
And since you are such a totally busy lawyer, I know that you need to save time.
And I will patiently wait for you to finish out your work week,
so that I can have some of your coveted free time.
And, then all your girls will go to church and look at you sitting up on the stand.
And we will improve our family, so that we can all love and miss you even more.

And, we will wish that you were sitting by us.
Just like I do right now.


Sheila said...

Nice letter. Lovenotes to your man. Oh, nice suttle way to get an invite to lunch... and as always love your k-town photo's.
toodles, Sheila

Lori said...

Way to go, LG and Alice! You guys are awesome. Real life begins at last...

MiaKatia said...

You are so funny and so sweet! Yeah for the new office! Exciting stuff :)

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

Yaaa! Life just got fun!

Mindi said...

i think he should start a big advertising campagain that says "one call, that's ALL" and also offer bankrupcy and divorce starting at 99 dollars--the class acts will come out of the woodwork!

congrats to you and your man!

Chrys said...

so sweet! I love it when my dh is home with me, too.

Terry said...

Aww, sweet.

Rita said...

Sweetest post ever!

So happy for the two of you!

Renee said...

Very nice. LG's a lucky man.