Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Child Abuse or Not?

I have always thought that MySpace was stupid. These people need to get a blog and tell about their life behind bars.

I thought about "pretend duct taping" my kids to a chair just to take a pic for my blog, but I guess it is not such a good idea.


Klin said...

WTHeck! *Note to self- Do NOT post photos of kids duct taped to chairs or anyplace else. Bad Idea.*

Her parenting skills suck. I will admit I have jokingly told my kids I was going to duct tape them to the chair so they could get enough calories to go an hour without telling me they are hungry, but I wouldn't do it.

Chrys said...

Yikes, I better go delete my last post. More info is needed. I need to see the pics. I figure as long as she carefully had duct taped them she is FINE! Like being careful not to get skin or hair. right? (tongue in cheek of course)
There goes our families favorite past time. LOL! :;relax, breathe::