Friday, April 25, 2008


My sister in law, Amy, decided to join the blogging world. Wow, can you believe that I am so influential!!! If you would like something more to read, and want to get to know my hubby's family better, here is Amy's link.

Go say Hi and help her to get the "comment" addiction like the rest of us!


Sheila said...

You are so INFLUENTIAL! I was checking into some articles for my last post & the one entitled cell phone abuse reminded me of you... cause there is a church message board, & I love the message. You have found so many great ones in
K-town... that I notice those types of signs everywhere...none of them say things as inspirational as yours though. I hope you had a fantastic FRIDAY. Did you ever celebrate LG's success yet? toodles, Sheila

JillianMarie said...

Talk about influential! I spent 3 hours last night setting up my blog haha. I'm not very computer savvy so you're gonna have to show me the ropes! Look what you got yourself into ;)

Amy Niebuhr said...

Yeah, you got me started. Go ahead and take all the credit!! I'm excited. Thanks